Destroy Slot Children (LogiX node)

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Destroy Slot Children
'Destroy Slot Children' LogiX node
  Impulse DoDestroy
  Slot Instance
  Bool PreserveAssets
  Impulse OnDone

The Destroy Slot Children node deletes all child slots of the Instance input slot when an impulse is received at DoDestroy.


The PreserveAssets input determines whether any assets (audio, meshes, images etc.) saved under the destroyed slots will be kept when the deletion occurs. If True, any assets in use by other parts of the world hierarchy will be moved to a child slot under the world's Assets slot. False by default.

The OnDone output fires an impulse when the Instance slot's children have been successfully destroyed after an impulse was received at DoDestroy. No impulse is be fired if there is no valid Instance input, however an impulse is still fired if a valid Instance slot has no children.


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