Dequip Tooltip (LogiX node)

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The Dequip Tooltip node dequips any equipped tooltip from the specified User's hand according to the Node enum input.

Inputs & Outputs

Color Label Type
Dequip Impulse
User User
Node ControllerNode
Color Label Type
OnDequipped Impulse


This dequips any tooltip, whether equipped by a simple grip or fully equipped (e.g. through the radial context menu Equip button), from the hand specified by the Node input ('Unknown' by default, which does nothing).

OnDequipped only fires and impulse if a tooltip is actually de-equipped as a result of an impulse at Dequip.

NOTE: The incoming impulse must originate from the user who you are requesting to de-equip the tooltip from. If another user fires the impulse it will not work.


Node Menu

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