Begin Undo Batch (LogiX node)

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Begin Undo Batch
'Begin Undo Batch' LogiX node
  Impulse DoCreate
  String Description
  Impulse OnBegin

The Begin Undo Batch node starts recording a batch of undoable changes when an impulse is received at DoCreate.


The Description input determines the text which is displayed in a user's radial menu next to the Undo button for the relevant undo step. Default is null.

The OnBegin output continues the impulse chain which triggered DoCreate; any changes which should be included in the same batch undo step should be performed during the impulse chain started from OnBegin.

The Undo Manager entry is created for the owner of the impulse received at Create. Unless the Description input has a non-null value, the text displayed around the Undo button in the radial menu is "(batch action)".

If you wish to perform some undoable changes in the impulse chain started from OnBegin and then later some ones which should not be included in the batch, you can explicitly finish the creation of the batch with End Undo Batch (LogiX node). Note that simply including a node which makes a change (e.g. Set Local Position) downstream of a Begin Undo Batch node does not automatically make it an undoable change - you must still create undo save points in the batch using the other nodes in the Undo category.


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