Release Notes:

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Jump to navigation Jump to search Just a small build, I'm working on a finger system for Neos now.

New features:

- Added new logix nodes (at request from @MR-Alex )

-- EmptyGUID

-- RandomGUID

-- ParseGUID


- Set higher grab priority for GenericSlicer (to avoid grabbing it together with the object it's slicing)

- Added a better error reporting for world submissions (reporting as "Already submitted" instead of "Error" + extra error information in case there's another error)

- ImpulseMultiplexer starts with two output impulses rather than none (reported by @MR-Alex )

- Tweaked search for active logix tooltip when selecting a node, preferring tooltip that's currently equipped. This should avoid the selection getting routed to logix tooltips kept on the avatar (reported by @sirkitree and @ProbablePrime )


- Fixed exceptions in the cast string to Uri node when the Uri format was invalid (discovered in log from @ProbablePrime )

- Fixed exceptions in Tween component on destruction

- Fixed submitted worlds not being listed in some cases