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New build with some new goodies and bugfixes!

New Features:

- Added a new Object Slicer tooltip, which allows quickly setting up composite objects with the PBS Slicer material and adding new slicers to it

- Added new Logix nodes for working with characters (char datatype) ( at request from @Coffee Maker ):

-- GetCharacter

-- IsControl

-- IsDigit

-- IsLetter

-- IsLetterOrDigit

-- IsLower

-- IsNumber

-- IsPunctuation

-- IsSeparator

-- IsSurrogate

-- IsSymbol

-- IsUpper

-- IsWhiteSpace

-- ToLower

-- ToUpper

- Added "Triangle Fan" option for the CircleMesh, which adds an extra vertex at the center (useful for circle arcs), the Arc is now in degrees instead of radians too

- Added "Flash Highlight Hierarchy" node (at request from @Business Lawyer ) under LogiX/Visualization

- Reworked TextureFrameSlot into AssetFrameSlot, capable of accepting objects that represents assets of any type (e.g. AudioClip or Mesh), at request from @Business Lawyer

- Added "Set Child Index" node (at request from @Coffee Maker )


- Fixed submitted worlds disappearing from the submission list when they were set to private and public again

- Fixed text fields and other focusable elements defocusing when they were locally inactive for users not owning the focus (discovered by @Coffee Maker )

- Removed incorrect string input on the EndUndoBatch node

- Fixed float4 type not getting automatically cast to color in LogiX (discovered by @Coffee Maker )

- Fixed node overload sometimes picking suboptimal node with casts, rather than a direct type match

- Fixed exception when opening node selector for LogiX tip in the screen mode

- Fixed Logix tooltip spawning a node when selecting a new node form the node selector in the screen mode

- Fixed tools dequipping when grabbing things in the screen mode

- Fixing @Coffee Maker report quota (reported by @Coffee Maker )