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Pushing a new build now, so these changes don't get held up more by the work on the fingers. Has bits and pieces of the new finger system. NO TOUCHIES >:I

New Features:

- Biped rig now detects fingers on the avatars (doesn't require proper naming, uses the actual bone alignment)

- Added BooleanCounter node (counts number of true and false boolean inputs) (for @Coffee Maker (PolyLogiX) )

- New logix nodes for working with slot persistence (at request from @Coffee Maker (PolyLogiX) and @Bom "Bitman" bomb (PolyLogiX) )

-- Get Slot Persistent (detects if it's persistent in hierarchy)

-- Get Slot Persistent Self (detects if the slot itself is set to persistent)

-- Set Slot Persistent Self (sets persistent status)

- Added ColorToHexCode node (at request from @Coffee Maker (PolyLogiX))

- Added Format String node - wraps the .NET String.Format() function (at request from @Coffee Maker (PolyLogiX))

- Added extra material property conversion mechanisms, to transfer more properties between different materials (for @theboom1 oof )

- Added support for casting primitives to object

- Object Slicer tooltip now uses the improved material conversion as well

- Added ability to get LogiX interface in the screen mode (hold the "L" key and click on the component/slot in the inspector) (for @pek at the Czech Technical University)

- Added ability to set packing root in the screen mode (hold the "P" key while clicking on the slot in the inspector)


- Added parallelization to texture processing functions, greatly increasing performance

- Added parallelization to 3D texture generation from slices

- Added optimized 4 parameter min/max helper functions, greatly improving performance (and removing memory allocations) on some code that uses these (e.g. converting colors to HSV and back, which is used by the "Shift Hue" texture operation)

- Skipped processing of all mip levels for the texture processing functions, since it's only necessary to filter the first level

- Added a workaround for tweens added to objects which are selectively inactive on particular user, which should fix Sliders not working when they're disabled on the host but active on another user (for @Coffee Maker (PolyLogiX) )

- Set Child Index node now uses int instead of uint as input (reported by @Coffee Maker (PolyLogiX) )


- Fixed RawDataTooltipEvents firing the same event multiple times for the user. This should fix odd behaviors with tools and items using this as well as some resource leaks (sort-of-reported by @Bom "Bitman" bomb (PolyLogiX) )

- Fixed broken Index/Knuckles controller detection due to recent SteamVR beta update (this would prevent the correct bindings from loading)

- Fixed ConstantLerp not lerping when going in the negative direction

- Fixed incorrect laser offset in the screen