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Smallish update

New Features:

- Added NeosEnumEditor<E> component, which adds physical UI for selecting an enum value (you need to spawn it via inspector by specifying the enum type

- Added PreserveDirectionAcrossPlane property to CharacterForceField, which will make sure that the character's current direction across the plane (defined by the force vector) is not reversed (meaning it'll roughly propel you along the current direction you're going, rather than reversing you)

- New LogiX Nodes for itneractring with grabbable

-- OnGrabbableGrabbed

-- OnGrabbableReleased

-- IsGrabbableGrabbed

-- IsGrabbableScalable

-- GrabbableGrabber


- Added delay after gripping the environment (2 seconds by default) during which you can't scale yourself. This is to prevent accidental scaling when climbing


- Added extra global illumination update one second after switching worlds, for scenarios where the old skybox is still active during the recomputation

- Some tweaks to the BlitToDisplay component to prevent scenarios where deleting it would leave the screen black

- Fixed the ground texture color not being changeable in the SpaceWorld