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New update, with some more chicken, quality of life improvements and bugfixes

New features:

- Added notifications for receiving KFC

- CharacterForceField now has HoldJumpMultiplier and NoJumpMultiplier, which lets you affect the force applied whether the jump button is held or not.


- Users are now sorted by latest sent/received message before alphabetical sorting, making sure the contacts you interacted with last will be at the top (also friends who didn't accept the request yet don't show up at the top of offline users anymore)

- Changed asset unload delay to 15 seconds on desktop (5 on Android), which should make immediate rejoin quicker, as it won't have to load all the assets again

- Some small (but potentially impactful of math-heavy parts) optimizations for core datatypes

- SphereMesh now supports UVscale for the generated mesh

- Tweaked object deletion rules. If there's ObjectRoot below DestroyRoot, it'll use the ObjectRoot instead. This is to prevent the whole player avatar getting destroyed when destroying an item on them.

- Removed logging information from GET String node and rewrote it to use single instance of HttpClient, to prevent frequent allocations


- Fixed missing token in the credits sent message

- Fixed not receiving a message about credits that were transferred out of your account by an administrator until next Neos restart

- Fixed EulerAngles conversion from quaternion sometimes producing NaN for the x component