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New update! Lots of crucial bugfixes (many of them for LogiX Packing) and more progress on the Physical Locomotion! :D

New Features:

- LogiX Tooltip now supports setting of "Packing Root", which will automatically move all nodes under the slot when hiding them. Simply grab a reference to a slot with the LogiX Tooltip, open the Circular Menu and select "Set Packing Root"

- Fly Locomotion now supports strafing with the other controller

- CharacterCollider Tooltip now lets you easily add the test Physical Locomotion module to any world (also adds it to existing users)


- Exposed collider margin for CharacterCollider

- The physical locomotion module test uses Vive/WindowsMR touchpad center for jump

- The physical locomotion module test now uses the controller direction for the forward direction (strafing is still relative to head)

- Raw Data Tooltip now has "Equipped" field, indicating whether it's equipped or not

- LogiX Tooltip will now generate node visuals for any slot reference (rather than just named LogiX_Pack)

- Tweaks to the scaling behavior for character controller


- Fixed inconsistent physics Timestepping, which caused the simulation to speed up or slow down

- Implemented workaround for the character controller compensating your head movements (causing your viewpoint to stay at the same point in the world)

- Fixed internal state of certain elements (lists and dictionaries in particular) not getting fully cleaned up during corrections, causing world crashes later on

- Fixed all tooltips receiving inputs when being held, even if they indicated that they cannot be used without equipping (this led to some errors and oddities in some cases)

- Fixed fetching of LogiX References for a particular element

- Fixed not all LogiX References to an element getting walked, which would cause them to not get packed and hidden

- Fixed not being able to spawn certain generic nodes which don't accept the "dummy" type as default (like IsNull or NotNull)

- Added exception guards for Tooltips, which fixes certain issues

- Fixed infinite loops when hiding LogiX setup in certain cases

- Fixed LogiX Cast Nodes (and possibly others) getting destroyed on hiding the visuals, when they were parented under them (this would also prevent the setup from hiding completely on the first attempt)

- A bunch of small bugfixes (mostly just affecting some harmless background errors)