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New update

New Features:

- Material Gun can now extract all material orbs within a hierarchy - grab a Slot reference from the inspector and press secondary

- Added PhotoMetadata component, which is automatically generated by the interactive camera. Contains info about where the photo was taken, camera settings and present users. This is also used to generate tags for the inventory, which will allow searching in the future

- New LogiX nodes

-- BodyNodeSlot (finds a slot corresponding to a particular body node on an user)

-- EquipAvatar (equips an avatar on given user)

- Hyperlink component (under Utility) which lets you open http and https URL's in a web browser (on desktop at the moment)


- Added quick subtle solid color backgrounds to the Friends dialog to visually separate the parts (just a quick fix before proper UI style gets made)

- Improved behavior of physical locomotion initialization - instead of fixed time, it checks if there's a character collider underneath the player. Once it finds one, it enables the simulation. If it doesn't find one in the time limit (1 minute by default), it enables it anyway as fallback (set to zero if you know that there won't be ground underneath)

- Space World ground now uses cylinder collider that matches the size of the sprite

- Adjusted default auto-respawn position to -250. Change this if you want to make worlds where you go lower.

- All existing character controllers will be updated to the lower collision margin 0.05, which should fix issues with passing through geometry


- Fixed the floating feet velocity offset being incorrect for certain avatars with scaling

- Fixed spectator grabbable validation releasing some objects for non-spectator users

- Fixed continuous exceptions on corrupted LogiX visual setup (e.g. when a proxy component was deleted when it shouldn't have)