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New update with fancy LogiX and locomotion animation stuff!

New features:

- New LogiX nodes for working with physical locomotion:

-- IsCharacterController

-- AsCharacterController

-- CharacterControllerUser (gets the user simulating given character controller)

-- FindCharacterController (can find active one from slot or user)

-- CharacterLinearVelocity

-- IsCharacterOnGround

-- CharacterGroundCollider

-- ApplyCharacterImpulse

-- ApplyCharacterForce

-- SetCharacterVelocity

- New Audio nodes:

-- PlayOneShot (plays a new instance of an audio clip)

-- AudioClipInput (easy to use source of audio clip, just drop a clip over it to set)

- Other new nodes:

-- PickRandom (similar to multiplexer, but picks a random input)

-- RandomPoint On/In Sphere/Cube/Circle/Square

-- Random RGB, RGBA, Grayscale, Hue


- All the offsets and ranges (feet hover height, gait feet range and such) are now percentages of the avatar height, to fix issues where they would be too small or too large depending on the avatar scale. Existing ranges will be recomputed so for avatars where they were correct, they'll roughly correspond.

This should fix floating and walking animation issues where the animation would be too small (or too large) on all existing avatars. If it was previously compensated by putting a huge value, you need to fix that manually.

- Tweaked the walk/run animation defaults to look more natural. Will be auto-updated on all avatars (will overwrite any custom changes you made, sorry, might do it a few more times before we find good defaults, let me know if this is an issue for you)

- Lowered default collision margin on the CharacterController to prevent from passing through colliders. This makes stepping up stairs and bumps more difficult, will look into swapping the collider body later.

- Character Teleporter, Force Field, Parenter and Event Trigger now have IgnoreParentUser property (on by default), which makes them ignore character collider that's under the same user hierarchy as they are. This lets you put those on the avatar without getting affected by them yourself

- You can now export texture or mesh dragged out of the inspector without spawning a persistent copy

- Impulse display now counts impulses it receives

- All LogiX node categories and nodes are sorted by name and names beautified for easier reading

- LogiX tip auto clears the packing root when it's destroyed


- Fixed being allowed to set Move Threshold to 1, which would break all movement

- Fixed the avatars doing random handstand

- Fixed texture dragged out of the inspector not being exportable

- Fixed incorrect vertical direction being applied in Zero-G with the physical locomotion (so pointing down would make you go forwards). Thanks to @Brutebandit for pointing this out, you're Incredible (Hulk)

- LocomotionController is only installed for VR users, fixing issues where it was on screen/camera users (which would behave oddly, since it wasn't actively used)