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New semi major version!

New Features:

- Completely redesigned locomotion framework! All the existing locomotion modes are separated into nice isolated modules, rather then being entangled with the tool manager. This will allow for easily adding new locomotion modules (physical based ones coming soon) and interactions with the locomotion end the environment

It's a major rewrite for this part. I tested things with different headsets and scenarios, but let me know if something is broken, might've slipped something. That said there are some changes:

- The locomotion setting is now global, rather than per controller

- Fly/Slide locomotion allows gradual smooth turn while flying around, rather than sudden one at high velocity

- You can now find the locomotion module prefabs in the scene hierarchy under "Locomotion Modules" (usually under "Controllers"). You can configure each one of them (or add/remove) - default speed, range etc. Some properties are override from user settings.

- Added more configuration options for the Locomotion Modules. Turning was separated into its own sub-module and behavior improved (e.g. setting deadzones or exclusive mode)

- Added configuration for handling dual input from both controllers - e.g. adding speed for flying, averaging it or using maximum (or just primary)

- Loading a new Neos version loses your synced locomotion setting in the old versions.


- Materials will use dark checkerboard texture while the actual texture is still loading, instead of white. This will indicate that the texture is not yet loaded (no more snowmen in the blizzard), prevent super bright environments, objects and avatars when they're just spawned, particularly with Emissive Maps (I'm looking at you Nex) and give some spatial information

- Same for sprites in the UI

- Added RibbonCount property to the ParticleStyle (lets you set number of ribbons when using the trails)

- Added hearing impaired badge. Need to add it to user account manually right now, will be part of profile later on (if you need or have ideas for any other accessibility indicators let me know)

- Some random small performance and memory allocation optimizations


- Fixed crashes when assigning invalid parent in the inspector (parenting object to itself, to its child or trying to parent the root slot)

- Fixed scene hierarchy getting littered with "Holder" objects due to avatars equipped from the inventory (existing instances will be automatically cleaned up in your worlds)

- Fixed crashed world not getting properly cleaned up when a slot was removed during disposal

- Fixed TryParsing of vector, quaternion and matrix types throwing an exception when the string is null, empty or missing brackets or proper number of elements

- Added exception guard, so world visuals get cleaned up even with errors during the disposal

- Removed some logging messages, should reduce GC pauses and performance degradation in some scenes