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New update

New Features:

- New LogiX nodes:

-- Delay with Value

-- [[LogiX: Delay|Delay] (delays whichever value is put on the input)

-- ActiveUserRootUser (gives you the active user corresponding to given user root)

- Update and [[LogiX: Timer|Timer] nodes now accept user as an input, which determines who will send the update Impulses

- FireOnChange and FireOnTrue accept user as an input, which will force updates to be detected and impulses sent only by given user

- GetChildByName node now allows matching substring, ignoring case and giving a search depth (plug in -1 for unlimited)


- Reference nodes get automatically cleaned up when disconnected

- Reworked the Autojoin routine a bit to fix cases where the initial join fails and the client doesn't connect anymore, or when the client gets temporarily disconnected, but doesn't reconnect

- ChildrenCount node will now force updates every frame

Work in progress:

- There's physical character controller component, spawned automatically in scratchspace now, unfinished