Humanoid Rig Requirements for IK

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When importing a rigged 3D model of a humanoid into Neos, it can be automatically setup with inverse kinematics, which also allows use as a full body avatar. There are certain requirements for the rig to be recognized as humanoid/biped and setup this way:

  • Model can be in A-pose or T-Pose. Others might work as well
  • Orientation (forward facing) should be along the positive Z axis. Flipped Z can be detected as well, but might contain bugs.
  • The bones should follow a naming convention specified below. Rigs from Mixamo already follow this convention.
  • The bold bones are mandatory - must be present on the rig
  • The avatar also needs to have identifiable thumb - fully rigged fingers or at least one bone chain for the thumb and one for the remainder of the hand.

Bone Naming Convention

The name of the bone needs to contain one of the listed keywords. They're case-insensitive and may be decorated with numbers (e.g. "spine01"), surrounded by special characters (e.g. "rig_spine"), side indicators (e.g. "left_hand", "LeftHand" or "hand_L") or even other words (e.g. "surgeonLUpperarm1").

  • Hips/Pelvis: hips, pelvis, root
  • Spine: spine, chest
  • Chest: spine, chest, ribcage
  • Neck: neck
  • Head: head

  • Shoulder: shoulder, clavicle, collar, collarbone
  • Upper Arm: upperarm, arm, bicep
  • Lower Arm: forearm, lowerarm, elbow
  • Hand: hand, wrist, palm

  • Upper Leg: leg, upleg, thigh, upperleg, hip
  • Lower Leg: leg, calf, knee, shin
  • Foot: foot, ankle
  • Toes: toe, ball, toebase, toes