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File Browser

The file browser is used to import files from your PC to Neos, and to export items from Neos to your PC.

Neos supports a wide range of file formats for import. Some file formats (Blender, CAD) may require external programs to be installed. If you are importing an avatar, be aware that Neos requires a specific bone structure and names for the IK to work. Details about file formats and rig requirements are available on the Neos wiki.

The file browser presents a regular file and directory listing. For each session in Neos, it opens initially at the root of your PC showing all available drives, and will subsequently remember the last used directory. For convenience you may want to place assets to import in a folder that is not nested too deeply. Also, directory and file names are displayed on a fixed-size square, so use short files names to keep them legible in the file browser.

Commonly used functions of the file browser are:

Opening a directory: double click with the trigger to open a directory.

Navigating to parent directory: double click the pink '(back)' button with the trigger.

Creating a new directory: with no object held, clicking the green plus button will create a new directory. There is no way to delete a directory using the Neos file browser.

Selecting a file: click on a file using the trigger to select. Note that the file name, size, and type are displayed at the top of the file browser.

Importing a file: double click on a file using the trigger, or if a file is already selected, click the light blue button that shows an arrow pointing out of a box. Depending on the type of file you are importing, it may show up in-world immediately, or you may see a file import dialog showing further options.

Exporting an item: while holding an item using the grip buttons, click the green plus button. This will present a dialog asking what format to use for exporting, then will save the item to the current directory. You can hold an item in one hand and click the '+' button with the other, or if the item doesn't block the laser pointer you can click the button with the same hand that is holding the item.

Refreshing the file browser: the Neos file browser does not automatically refresh the contents of a folder while it's open. If you are changing files in a folder while the file browser is open, click the blue refresh button (circular arrow) to see the changes.