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New build! Some small goodies and tweaks.

New Features:

- Added "Button Events" node that sends impulses when a button is pressed or released (works with PhysicalButton, NeosButton and UI Button) (at request from @Coffee Maker )

- Added "Description" to the Session dialog, allowing you to edit the world/session description live (at suggestion from @SecretHippo1 )

- World/Session description and tags are now part of active session data and will show on the Discord bot too


- Tweaked the session thumbnail generation to be every 1 minute instead of 2 (at suggestion from @SecretHippo1 )

- Added a delay before old thumbnail is deleted when uploading a new one, preventing it from not loading when the URL isn't refreshed to the new one yet


- Fixed import of models with animation getting stuck when the initial keyframe time point was before 0 (discovered by @RaccoonRezillo )

- Fixed users losing active focus when another user leaves (reported by @Coffee Maker )

- Fixed event leak for Grabbable nodes