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Hey guys, finally got new build! :D

Sorry it took a bit, the release annoucement kept me busy and we needed to make sure that there aren't any issues with the upgrade.

New Features:

- Upgraded to Unity 2019.1b3 and enabled incremental Garbage Collection


- Optimized passing of the core numerical types (vectors, quaternions, matrices) using "in" operators where possible, both in core mathematical functions and other parts of code (Slot transformations, IK, physics)

- Optimized Lerp methods for vectors

- Some small optimizations for transforming vectors, quaternions and matrices in the hierarchy

- Optimized iterating over sync member hierarchy to avoid memory allocations

- Optimized iterating over Inputs, Outputs and ImpulseSources on LogiX nodes so they don't allocate new memory


- Moved world edit form a little bit to the right when spawned (suggested by @ooBLANKAoo )

- Fire While True now has updating user input, which lets you override which user fires the input

- Chatting system will now color messages that failed to send red, rather than normal yellow

- Added Double Click Interval setting and increased the default interval somewhat (on request from @aadhux ) - this affects browsing inventories/folders, double clicking confirmation menu options or equipping/dequipping tools

- Added a workaround for Unity bug which causes performance degradation when the window is not in focus - Neos will refocus itself automatically after 2 minutes out of focus while in VR


- Fixed destroyed targets for LinkReferences reporting as valid links (this fixes some null reference errors)

- Fixed broken IK root grounding

- Fixed chat message text box not graying out when you can't send messages to the recipient

- Added a guard for VolumeMeter against NaN's and out of range values when the incoming audio data is corrupt

- Fixed particle system running out of particles and not emitting more when one of the StartLifetime parameters was negative

- Fixed tooltips getting stuck on your controller when they were synced from another world into one where you're not permitted to use it

- Added workaround for sliders and joints that snap to position/rotation snapping back when they're not dragged by the host

- Various small bugfixes