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A new update, finishing off the initial NCR implementation!

New Features:

- Added "Withdraw NCR" dialog under "My Account". This lets you request a withdrawal of NCR to your Ethereum address from within Neos itself. You will receive a notification about this from the Neos account. This is handled manually right now and can take up to 48 hours.

- Added "Inverse Rotation" node


- Reworked the PhysicalButton component a bit so it can now be held down by holding the trigger when operating it via the laser

- Renamed "Quaternions" LogiX category to "Rotation"


- Fixed developer mode toggle not showing up on the developer tooltip when the user is in Edit Mode

- Fixed not getting message notifications for the last selected friend, while the friend dialog is closed

- Removed keyboard movement in VR mode

- Fixed the incorrect hold behavior of the VirtualShift component

- Fixed BoxEmitters being double their actual size (given by the Size property). Existing ones are auto-updated to preserve their size