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New update!

New Features:

- You can now build your own virtual keyboards, put them to your inventory and set them as default! (same as avatar, select it and click the heart)

- Reworked the virtual keyboard system to be more general. You'll find the appropriate components under Userspace / Virtual Keyboard (components like VirtualKey, VirtualShift or VirtualKeyboard)

- Added "Physical Mode" option to the right controller menu. Turning this on will disable all remote interactions (remote grabbing and clicking) and hide lasers at all items (except when interacting with private UI). This is just a base version, let me know what you think and how you'd like it improved

- Added PhysicalButton component (under Transform/Interaction) which provides same pressing behavior of NeosButton for any object and more general interface

- Added RandomEventGenerator component, which will generate events at random intervals (optionally with a 3D point)

- Added Priority property to AudioOutput


- Decreased shout voice mode doppler level to 10 %

- Avatar voice audio output now has the highest priority, which should prevent it from getting quiet when there's many other audio sources

- Permission system will now use a friend role or role assigned specifically to given user when they are the host (e.g. if you're friend of the owner of the world, you get the friend role if it's higher than default host role)

- Virtual Keyboard keys now simulate keypresses for letters and digits, in addition to append string

- World Switcher now ignores physical touches to avoid accidental world switching


- Fixed short audio clips not playing from the beginning after the first playback

- Fixed external command processing (e.g. joining through a link on Discord) happening before automatic login would finish

- Fixed broken normal map mode for the Reflection shader