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New update

New features:

- MeshVisibilityToggle tooltip now allows changing the the shadow cast mode mode on the meshes

- CharacterColliderSetter can now mark colliders as grippable (or unmark)

- Added "Create pivot at center" button in the inspector, which will automatically make a pivot for the given hierarchy at the bounding box center

- PhysicalLocomotion now has MinInitializationDelay which determines how long after world starts it'll wait before it starts checking for colliders (default 2 seconds)

- PhysicalLocomotion now also has InitializationColliderRoot field, which lets you assign a specific collider (or hierarchy) that must be present for the module to start working

- New LogiX event nodes (these work based on hierarchy and won't work correctly until you pack (or at least parent) them properly):

-- OnStart

-- OnDuplicate

-- OnPaste

-- OnActivated

-- OnDeactivated

-- OnDestroy

-- OnLoaded


- Duplicating objects is now undoable

- Currently selected slot is now highlighted in the inspector